Useful Apps for Expatriates to Use in KSA

There are Apps that you must have while living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Apps for finding a taxi, finding a taxi online, searching for iqama queries e-services, ordering food online, booking a ticket online, etc. One of the most used apps is Google Maps from Google Play Store Saudi Arabia you must have your Android phone while living as an expat in the Kingdom. WhatsApp location share service can help you find the addresses of friends while on the go. And there are lots of more have a look at the below list.

Useful Apps for Expatriates in Saudi Arabia

1. Absher: Absher is MOI (Ministry of Interior) official application for iqama-related queries, checking Iqama expiry date, checking iqama color red or green, public query available funds, Checking traffic violations, Exit Re-Entry visa status, Jawazat office location, Check health insurance and so on.

2. Saudia: An Expat cannot stay forever in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The Saudia app allows you to book flights, check passenger details, and pay for the ticket with credit cards Visa and Mastercard. Guess what? you can select a seat as per your choice. It is safe, easy to use, and trusted by millions of users.

3. Uber and Careem: Uber and Careem allow you to save money and find taxis online through the Uber app. It is an online taxi booking app helps find a taxi car near to you and take you anywhere in the Kingdom you want. It’s a safe, secure, and money-saving service.

4. Talabat – Food Delivery App: Talabat delivers food of your choice to your doorsteps. Just select your area anywhere in the Kingdom and order food online. The fast and secure way to deliver food to your doorsteps without roaming here and there. AlBAIK, KFC apps are alternative.

5. Souq and Jarir: Souq and Jarir are popular online stores in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Souq and Jarir app is a fast and secure way to book smartphones, tablets, laptops, and lots of cool related items. Install the app and book anything you want.

6. Zain, STC, Mobily, and Friendi apps allows the user in the Kingdom to manage calls and recharge card without entering an iqama number as well as send or share balance to home countries. Pay bills, check bonus points, and check the remaining balance on Zain, STC, Mobily, and Friendi. Subscribe and unsubscribe to internet packages as per internet needs and more cool features.

You can check for similar and helpful apps to use and get the benefits while in KSA. Also, you can request us for any, so might be able to provide you the link to download. Happy living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 🙂.

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