Check How Many SIM Cards Registered on Your Iqama Number

Learn how to check how many sims on my iqama online via CITC (Communication and Information Technology Commission and SMS. No matter if you are using STC, Zain, Mobily, or Friendi network sim cards you can check sim that how many SIM cards are registered under your Iqama number in Saudi Arabia.

Now there are two methods you can follow. You can easily check how many sim card phone numbers are registered on your Iqama number id or Muqeem Card. One is on the CITC website and the second is through SMS.

CITC Saudi SIM Check

  1. Click this link to go to the website.
  2. Enter the Iqama ID number.
  3. Enter a mobile number (You want to check). If not then
  4. Check “I do not have any mobile number”.
  5. Now enter the symbol “image captcha code”.
  6. Finally, click on the “search button”.

CITC Saudi Sim Check

Sim Information is begin retreived CITC KSA

Wait until the information required by CITC is retrieved from Telecom providers. After the information is retrieved you will see a list of Telecom providers and phone numbers registered on your Iqama number.

CITC Saudi SIM Check via SMS

The other alternative and easiest way is to send an SMS to your service provider to know about registered sims under your iqama Muqeem card number.
  • Zain Users: Go to Message App and send a blank text message to 700123.
  • STC Users: Go to Message App write 9988 and send it to 902.
  • Mobily Users: Go to Message App and send a blank text message to 616166.

The “My numbers” service allows Zain, STC, and Mobily as well as Friendi customers to know details about all phone numbers and data SIM cards registered with their IDs in TSP (Telecom Service Providers). Customers are to monitor their phone numbers and ensure no other extra SIMs are registered without permission from Iqama holders. This is CITC’s responsibility to make sure that customer from different Telecom Providers Expats & Citizens is protected.

This is to remember if any iqama holder found a number registered with his/her name without his/her permission They should immediately request to cancel the service by STC, Zain, or Mobily service provider. Related Posts for Saudi: What to Do When you lost your Iqama in KSA.

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