Zain Free Calls Over the Internet

Zain Free calls over the internet

Zain announced free calling over the internet without data consumption of your internet package. Call over the internet is completely on Zain network in Saudi Arabia. You can call to any country over the internet for free without data consumption of data package. The following apps are included and can be used for calling over the internet on Zain network for free.

  • Facebook Messenger
  • SOMA Messenger
  • Skype
  • BBM Messenger
  • IMO free internet calls
  • Telegram

Before going for package activation there are few things to know, then you can definitely activate the package if you want to.

Important Notes

  • There should be a minimum amount of 10 SAR balance on your main Zain account. To check the balance on Zain network click here.
  • Don’t use these applications if you are low on Zain balance or below SAR 10. Otherwise, you will be charged for using the data.
  • Noor and Visitor customers are not included.
  • Don’t forget that it’s a limited time offer.
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Make your phone calls and talk to your loved ones in any country in the globe using the above-listed applications. You won’t be charged with your existing internet data package.

How to Activate Free Calls over the Internet Offer on Zain

  1. Write VOIP in a text message
  2. Send it to 959.

The above is a quick way to activate the offer for free calling VOIP calls using the above listed. You can contact Zain customers care by dialing 959 or alternatively call 09590000959 and get help or information about the package. You can visit the nearest Zain shop if you are experiencing any issue while activating the pack. Get more information officially from 959 by sending SC to 959 customer care service. You can also comment down below if you need our help.

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