STC to STC Credit Balance Transfer | 2 Methods

In Saudi Arabia STC Sawa lets you transfer money, credit, or mobile balance from STC to STC, Sawa to Sawa. Previously we’ve posted a detailed article on how to send mobile credit (balance) from STC to India, Philipines, and Pakistan. In this guide, you are about to learn how to transfer money from STC to STC or Sawa to Sawa mobile balance very easily.

before going for the procedure there are some terms and conditions that you should know before sending/transfer the credit balance. There are two different methods to transfer STC credit to STC. Let’s have a look at the first:

STC to STC Credit Balance Transfer (Method 1)

The Sender:

Compose a text *133*Reciever #*Amount in SAR# and Send it to 1500. If this is confusing have a look at the below example:

I.e: *133*059……..*20# send to 1500. That’s it.

The Receiver:

When you get a confirmation SMS of Sawa transfer on your phone number after the sender sent your money. Then write a text message *133*Iqama id number# and send it to 1500 that’s it. If this is confusing have a look at the below example:

I.e: *133*24……# send to 1500. That’s it.

STC to STC Credit Balance Transfer (Method 2)

This is the easiest method via which you can credit transfer your Sawa credit to another Sawa number in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia KSA. But the point is that you must know the Receiver’s IQama ID number. If you don’t, then skip this method and follow Method #1. All you need to do is:
Compose a text SMS *133*Receiver No*Amount*Receiver Iqama No#. If you don’t understand have a look at the example: *133*059……*20*24488998…# That’s it.
The receiver will get a successful transaction message. With the above, you can easily share a load on STC to STC numbers all over the KSA Saudi Arabia. If you are experiencing difficulties commend down, we might help you out.

STC Sawa Credit Transfer Terms & Conditions

  • Your STC sim card number should be on your Iqama card.
  • The Receiving person’s number also should be valid and on the Iqama number.
  • Don’t forget that only prepaid customers can share the transfer with each other.
  • You must have enough balance, Sawa.
  • The minimum remaining amount must be SAR 20 in Sender account.
  • The maximum amount you can send is SAR 20 and the minimum is SAR 5, be aware of that.
  • SAR 0.50 will be deducted from your account while sending.
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  1. Mary Joy Marave says

    Now i can’t transfer Stc to Stc..last week
    I was able to send,now i can’t .Why?

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