Saudi Iqama Fees in 2023 with Full Details

Here are the full details of Iqama Fees in  2023 for expatriates. For all Expats living in Saudi Arabia, the iqama new fees have been stated by the KSA government. Dependent/Expat fees in KSA. Well, to be honest, this is bad news for Expats Living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that there is an increase in Iqama renewal and new Iqama Muqeem cards. For your information, Jawazat in KSA started in 2017 to collect increased fees from Expats/dependents.

For those Expats who are working in companies, the company might deduct the renewal fee from his/her salary. The fee increment is not just in Iqama and its renewal but also in Visa. Yes, you heard me, friends. I.e for Visa services, exit re-entry visas, multiple re-entry visas, final exit visas, family single visa, multiple family visas, change of profession, HAJJ, and Umrah Fee as well.

Iqama Fees 2018

From the very beginning of 2018, the fee structure for the iqama renewal or other details. Every single Expat, sponsored person, and dependent will need to pay SAR 200 per month. It means 2400 SAR per Year in 12 months period. Also, the employee will need to pay a tax of SAR 400 a month. But this is as per Expat employees Vs Saudis in a company. And 300 SAR if Saudi is more than expatriates. The expected revenue is almost 24 billion for the Saudi government.

Iqama Fees 2019

In 2019 the fee as described by the Saudi government will depend on Saudization. A monthly fee of 300 SAR per Expat/person in KSA in 2019. With more Expats and fewer Saudis, the company will pay SAR 600. If there are more Saudis and fewer expatriates the company will pay SAR 500. The expected revenue is almost 44 billion for Saudi Government.

Iqama Fees 2020

In 2020 everything is going to be changed and high, and the Saudi iqama fees as well. However, it will depend on Suadizatoin as well. The Monthly fee of 400 SAR per Expat/person in KSA in 2012. With more Expats and fewer Saudis, the company will pay SAR 800. With more Saudis and fewer expatriates, the company will pay SAR 700. The expected revenue is almost 65 billion for Saudi Government.

Iqama Fees 2021

So it’s 2021, and you might wanna know what are the Iqama fees in 2021. For your information, the Iqaam depends on the number of Saudi workers in a company. More Saudi workers less Iqama, fewer Saudi workers high Iqaam fees. However, as usual, the fees per Iqama are SAR 400, more non-Saudi per Iqama fee is SAR 800 while a higher number of Saudi workers in a company will cost SAR 700 per Iqama.

Iqama Fees 2022

Now it is 2022, the Iqama fee is updated by the government of KSA. So for the fee for Iqama, 3 months is SAR 163, for 6 months SAR 325, for 9 months IQama fee is SAR 488 and for 12 months period, the New Iqama fee is 650.

Updated: Iqama Fees 2023

In 2023, the latest fee for an Iqama is SAR 163 for 3 months, SAR 325 for 6 months, SAR 488 for 9 months, and SAR 650 for one Year.

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