Check Saudi Iqama Fees for 2023 Online

In this guide learn how to renew iqama and know its fees in 2023 in Saudi Arabia. Also how to check and track the iqama renewal date online through the MOI Ministry of Interior website which Saudi Government’s official website. The new amendment in Iqama fees and almost everything about the iqama renewal process in KSA online through MOI (Ministry of Interior). Here is the complete full list of the Iqama fee for 2023.

There are a few things that you should know when you are about to renew your Muqeem card/Iqama. Let’s talk about it.

Iqama Renewal Fees

It should be your first priority to go for the iqama renewal 3 days before the expiry date on your Muqeem Card/Iqama. If you don’t know about its expiry date, here is the complete guide to know about that.

For all workers in the Kingdom and employees, the Iqama fee is just SAR 650. The Iqama renewal fee for all dependents/Saudis in KSA is only SAR 500. While for companies the renewal fee is different and depends on the Nitaqat color of your company. To know about your company Niqata here is the best guide.

Nitaqat is all about the Number of Saudis in the company, if a company has less than 50% of Saudi workers, the company will pay 2400 SAR per person. And 18 or more years dependent will pay SAR 500 for his/her iqama renewal.

How to Renew Iqama in KSA

Saudi Government is using the latest technology to provide the best services to the residents/dependents. Now a Kafeel, an employer, or a company can renew a resident permit/resident card online through the MOI (Ministry of Interior) official website. All you need to do is go to your Kafeel/sponsor to renew your resident permit. If you are working in a company talk to your (HR department) about your resident card renewal.

The company may take care of your Iqama expiry itself and might renew as soon as they can. Otherwise, they will pay penalties. Your Kafeel/sponsor or company will pay the required fee and you can check the available fund for the Iqama renewal online.

The process will take a couple of days and when it’s complete you will get your new resident permit. Your Kafeel or company will receive it via Saudi Post etc and will give it to you. You will also get an SMS from MOI. Don’t forget to get the legal papers from your Kafeel or company if your Iqama is under the renewal process.

Why Iqama Renewal is Important?

There are lots of reasons why you should get your new Iqama before the expiry date. Some of them are:

  • All your bank accounts will be frozen, and you won’t be able to do any transactions.
  • If you are ever caught by the police in KSA, they will directly send you to your home country.
  • There are penalties you will pay after expiry.
  • You cannot drive.
  • You cannot work.
  • Finally, you cannot leave the Kingdom without an Iqama card.

Check Iqama Renewal Status Online

One of the easiest ways is to check the online status via public query available funds online. Whenever your available funds are gone, it means you will get the iqama after two working days. You will also get an SMS from MOI (Ministry of Interior).

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