Check and Redeem Zain Bonus Points KSA

Learn how to check Zain bonus points in Saudi Arabia. Check its validity and how to use your bonus points on the Zain SA network. Zain SA is honoring every single moment of your communication with your loved ones by giving your rewards, these rewards are also called bonus points, Neqaty, etc.

They love their customer loyalty and thus they are rewarding them with such rewards as free on-net minutes, SMS and free data, and a bonus balance on their credit account on prepaid. There are levels of customer usage as per consumption rate, let’s explore them below:

Zain Bonus Points Levels

Different membership levels are introduced by Zain and they reward their loyal customers with these membership points. This level depends on the previous past 3 months’ usage of the customer.

Silver Level

To get the silver-level membership, you would need to consume SAR 5 per day. No matter if you are a new or an existing Zain user. So that after some time you will get a Silver level membership on your Zain sim.

  • 5 SAR = 1 point and there is no bonus point.
  • The validity period is 24 months.
  • The eligibility payment is less than SAR 450.

Gold Level

Do you know that you are a golden-level member if you are using SAR 450 per month? The gold level is dedicated to Zain users who are using SAR 450. Get up to a 20 % bonus whenever you use SAR 5. Let’s see what else you will get.

  • 5 SAR = 1 point and there 20% bonus point.
  • The validity time period is 24 months.
  • Eligibility payment is less than SAR 450 to 13,50 SAR.

Platinum Level

A prepaid user who uses SAR 450 per month and a postpaid user who uses SAR 1350 per month is in the platinum category. They will get an extra 30% bonus points on each SAR 5 use.

  • 5 SAR = 1 point and there 30% bonus point.
  • The validity time is 24 months.
  • Eligibility payment is less than SAR 1350 and above.

How to Redeem Zain Bonus Points

This is the easiest way to check your bonus points on the Zain network and redeem your points. Just send Plus to 959, that is it. you will get a reply from Zain containing all the information you want to know about the bonus and Neqaty points.

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