How to Change Iqama Profession in KSA | 2023

You can easily change your iqama profession in Saudi Arabia. The only thing is if your iqama is eligible to change the profession. Profession change in Saudi Arabia is simple and very easy. There are possible ways to change it online through MOL. Change of profession is important because it’s illegal if your work is different than your profession on the Iqama card is different.

People from Jawazat can arrest you anytime in the kingdom because it’s illegal. In Saudi Arabia MOL Ministry of Labor allows iqama profession change. But while requesting this is important to choose the related “Profession” to your work. So there won’t be problems in the future. Before doing anything about their requirements you must need to aware of them.

Requirements for Iqama profession change

Below are the highly recommended requirements before going for the overall procedure. Once you meet the following requirements, there are fewer chances of getting rejected. This is why knowing these requirements is important. Here are they:

Attested degree/certificates/related documents from the Saudi embassy in your home country i.e. India, Philippines, Pakistan. Attested degree/certificates/related documents must match with Iqama “Profession”. Request Kafeel/sponsor or company to deposit SAR 1000 for the Iqama “Profession” change. Could be possible that your application is getting rejected for helper, driver, labor, etc.

Also, check that you don’t have penalties or traffic violations in the Kingdom. Check your Iqama card is not expired and has enough validity time. Make sure to have enough available funds online on your iqama. Check your Iqama is not under Huroob.

How to Change Iqama Profession

Now that you know all the requirements for changing the profession in your Iqama. It’s time to apply for it. To change your IQama profession, simply visit your HR office or Kafeel, and humbly request for the change in your Iqama profession. Then will collect a fee of SAR 1000 from you. Don’t forget to take the receipt. Within a month, they will give you a new Iqama ID with your new profession.

After applying you can track your Profession status online here. If it is changed, then everything is OK. But if it is taking more time than usual then your application might get rejected. So be patient with that. Go to MOL/MOI and apply for an Iqama change that’s it.
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  1. Omair Chouhan says

    Is it currently open for changing profession from technician to engineer if SCE membership is valid engineer?

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