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Friendi introduced new internet data packages in KSA with cheap rates and more validity. The activation codes are here and data validation period details. Friendi mobile offers and settings codes are available for prepaid users in KSA. Easily avail and activate any of these packages or internet plans. If you have recently purchased a Friendi sim card, first set up your internet Friendi settings APN on your smartphone.

Friendi mobile in KSA offers amazing data plans for your social activity. There are data plans and add-ons for all your social apps. Friendi mobile social data plan is starting from 30MB Weekly to Monthly 6GB. With the data, You can check for your emails, search the web with Google, or use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram on your Smartphone. Well, let’s explore below all these Data plans with Add-Ons. much check that out too.

Friendi Internet Packages list in KSA

Below is the full of all data plans available right now on “Friendi mobile”.

30 MB for 1 Day, the price is 1.99 SAR.

50 MB for 1 Day, the price is 2.99 SAR.

100 MB for 3 Days, the price is 4.99 SAR.

150 MB for 5 Days, the price is 6.99 SAR.

200 MB for 7 Days, the price is 10 SAR.

300 MB for 7 Days, the price is 8.99 SAR.

500 MB for 10 Days, the price is 12.99 SAR.

750 MB for 14 days, the price is 14.99 SAR.

1 GB for 21 Days, the price is 21 SAR.

1.5 GB + 0.4 GB for 30 Days, the price is 25.99 SAR.

2.5 + 1GB for 30 Days, the price is 39.99 SAR.

5 GB + 2 GB for 30 Days, the price is 60 SAR.

8 GB for 30 Days, the price is 90 SAR.

10 GB + 5 GB for 30 Days, the price is 95 SAR.

14 GB for 30 Days, the price is 150 SAR.

18 GB for 30 Days, the price is 200 SAR.

20 + 20 GB for 30 Days, the price is 99 SAR.

10 GB for 90 Days, the price is 110 SAR.

12 GB for 90 Days, the price is 189 SAR.

50 + 25 GB for 90 Days, the price is 260 SAR.

100 + 50 GB for 90 Days, the price is 330 SAR.

However, you will not be able to use the internet if you have not activated any of the above packages. Well, the question is how to activate any of the above packages? You can simply dial *108# to activate any of the above packages. Moreover, these plans are just for the only prepaid customer on the Friendi network. Thus, you can easily check your remaining balance on the Friendi network by dialing *109#.

  1. Sunder says

    How unsubscribe daily 30 mb package?

    1. Admin says

      Call their helpline.

  2. Ronnie says

    What does it mean 20+20GB – 99sr for 30days?
    Why not say 40GB?

    1. Admin says

      Most of the users may have confused because it extra data as of the current offer. That is why id explained it, anything else?

    2. khurshid says

      Because more than 10 GB is not for all time

  3. Syed Abdullah says

    i subscribe 99SAR package now it’s going to expire i already reached back before my internet package expired so it will automatically renew or i need to renew it again??? please advise because i dail *108# it’s not showing in the list 20 GB + 20 GB 99SAR .

    1. Touqeer says

      I subscribed this package 99riyal on the date 23 February. But now show only 12 GB renaming.
      How it’s possible?

      1. Admin says

        Contact Friendi, also please double everything, I mean to check your remaining data again.

  4. M says

    What is their helpline number?

    1. Admin says

      +966 57 000 1789

  5. M says

    I have 75 MB remaining from my package but the internet is not working. Yes I tried restart the phone not working.

    1. Admin says

      Did you check the validity of your package?

  6. Shazab says

    Friendi is giving max 25GB + 1000 minutes in 110 reyals
    Is there any package just like zain giving unlimited social + data+ minutes in 159 reyals
    STC also have monthly hybrid package like this
    Does frinedi has this kind of package


    i have 25+5GB package but With in Month MBs Finish and i activate again and i received message from frirndy but i not read and using net when i read message thay not activate reason validity off package till 13 july when this expire then i will activate and i loss my all money.

    1. Admin says

      Please don’t hesitate to call their helpline. Until that, they won’t help you get back your balance.

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