Check Iqama Profession Change Status Online

Learn how to check iqama status profession change of iqama in Saudi Arabia online through Absher. Saudi Arabia provides an online query for profession status change of your Iqama in KSA online. This is not just for expatriates living in Saudi Arabia but also for Saudi citizens. Anyone in the Kingdom can check the status of the Iqama profession online. To apply for Iqama profession change.

Now with the latest technology online provided by the Government of Saudi Arabia. You won’t go here and there to search for your sponsor/Kafeel and ask for the profession change status on your iqama. Most Expats know about this online but many are not. Share this post to help them know so they can easily check the status.

Check Iqama Profession Change Status

There are many ways of applying for “Profession” change in KSA. If your application has been approved by the Government then follow the procedure in order to check the status of Iqama [profession].

Through Absher

The first thing you need to do is to register on the Absher website if not. Once you get the login details, you can then go ahead and do so:

Visit and log in to your account. Now Go to Dashboard (click three dots) in the top right. Click the More Details button under your name and birthday, etc info. You will see your Iqama Profession under the Job Category option.

Check Status of Profession Change of Iqama via Absher
Check Status of Profession Change of Iqama via Absher

Through Qiwa

The Qiwa portal in the Kingdom also lets you check your Iqama profession status online. But you need an active account on Qiwa too. Once you have the login details, please follow these steps to do so:

Go to Qiwa and log in to your Individual account. Click the Individaula account (with your name). You will see your Iqama profession under the Current Position option.

Check Iqama Profession Change Status on Qiwa KSA
Check Iqama Profession Change Status on Qiwa KSA

If you want to check your Kafeel name click here so that you can check out your Kafeel/sponsor name or company. If you are experiencing any confusion in all the above comment down so that I can help you out.

If there is no update since you apply for the “Profession” change on Iqama then try to re-submit the application again it is better to talk to Kafeel/sponsor first. The Kafeel will suggest better in order to change [Profession] on iqama. Then again follow the steps to check the status.

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