Zain 2GB 10GB 75GB 300GB upto 1TB Internet Packages

Zain Internet Data packages list and details in KSA Saudi Arabia with prices, and more package details. Zain Internet packages starting from lower 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, 75GB. 300GB, 600GB, and 1000 GB Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Zain tariff, bundles, data packages with all capabilities and validates to meet your internet data usage and needs. Exclusive internet offers at Zain are available, so pick one that fulfills your internet requirements/needs.

Zain Internet Data Plans

Below is the complete list of prepaid Zain internet data packages plans in Saudi Arabia KSA. Choose one of your favorite one that fulfills your internet data needs requirements. The internet offers are great:

Zain Package NameValidityFree OSN StreamingPriceActivation Code
2GB Package 1 month 2 Months Free SAR 45 D2000 to 959
5GB Package 1 month 2 Months Free SAR 65 D5000 to 959
10GB Package 3 months 2 Months Free SAR 165 10GB to 959
50GB Package 3 months 2 Months Free SAR 265 50GB to 959
300GB Package 3 months 2 Months Free SAR 450 300GB to 959
600GB Package 6 months 2 Months Free SAR 549 600GB to 959
1TB Package 12 months 2 Months Free SAR 999 1TB to 959

Important Notes:

Remember you can follow the above activation codes if you want to activate any of the plans on your local sim card, not on your internet data sim. If you are using Zain Data Sim then you should buy a data card in order to activate any of the above for the prices above.

Check Remaining Data on Zain 4G?

look, it’s easy all you need is to send an SMS containing BC to 959 to get details of your remaining balance or mobile data. To recharge the card or know about the customer care number, it’s 959. For more details of checking the remaining data here is the complete guide.

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