Zain 99 Postpaid Package with Full Details [Updated]

In this guide, all the details about Zain postpaid 99 package for postpaid customers in KSA Saudi Arabia. Now Get the most within this package, 15 GB of internet data and 20GB of social. Moreover, you will have free 2 months of OSN app access and free Wi-Fi 15GB. Also, the package now supports 5G signals.

This postpaid is available for existing and new postpaid customers at Zain and the validity of the 99 pack is only 1 Month. Remember If roaming is not activated on your Zain number in 99 Pack. Then, contact or call 959 / 0590000959 to activate roaming on your Zain number. This is good when you visit another country or your home country. But you won’t get any free resources free minutes or internet data for another country. So the choice is yours if you don’t want to activate roaming.

Zain postpaid 99 package Details and Activation

Update: So here is the updated Shabab 99 postpaid package. You can buy it from here and you will get 20GB of social data, 15GB of internet data, and 1500 calls/minutes for only SAR 113.85 per month. You can use the social data for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

Old Post: Have a look at the below table for more details. Don’t forget to activate the 99 postpaid pack as per the below method.

Zain Postpaid 99 Package
on net Calls Unlimited Free Calls
off-net calls 300 minutes
Internet Data 25 GB
Roaming Data No
International Calls No
Will I get a Bronze Number? Yes


For subscription or activation of this pack, all you need is just to send an M99 to 959 and then wait for a few seconds or a moment. When you get replied with a confirmation text message then use your free resources.

What If I Consume All Data and Resources?

Whenever you are finished with your free minutes, calls, and internet data then SAR 35 Halala rates will apply. Have a look at the below table for more information.

When Free Resources are Finished the Rates are:
All Voice Calls SAR 35 Halala/Minute
All SMS SAR 35 Halala/SMS
Mobile Data SAR 35 Halala/MB

Will I get Extra Services in 99 Package?

Yes, the benefit of the package is you can easily transfer your balance to other Zain prepaid numbers. Here we explain how to transfer your Zain credit balance to Pakistan, India, and the Philippines. While see the below quote to share balance Zain to Zain easily.

Some Basic Terms of the Package

The minimalistic transaction amount/transaction is only SAR 5. The maximum transaction amount/transaction is only SAR 20. You can Transfer the Minimum amount/day to just 250 SAR. You can Transfer the Maximum amount/day to just 25 SAR. The same method for inquiring about the balance will be used to Send BC to 959. 50 Halala will be charged, on every transaction, you made from Zain to Zain. The bonus amount cannot be transferred as per Zain Rules. You have reloaded first.

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