Zain Internet 2GB, 5GB, 10GB and 75GB Packages

Here are all new offers and the latest Zain Internet Packages for prepaid customers in KSA. These offers are available with new exciting prices/rates. Zain Unlimited internet packages are not available at the moment. You can try some of their best offers with enough internet data for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly usage in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Internet data plans start from 2GB, 10GB, 300GB, and 600GB up to 1TB 1000GB. The validity you can get is Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. But before starting with the details, let us tell you that you can get all the below packs with a data Sim card or any local zain calling sim card.

Remember that these packs are only for prepaid users, not postpaid customers. You can also renew all these packs at the same price as mentioned below. You don’t need to buy new data or a local Sim card in order to activate or renew the packs. Let’s explore them below with the prices and activation of full details. Read more plans Zain 300GB, 600GB, and 1000GB Packs.

2GB internet package

The price of a 2GB internet data package is 30 SAR. 1 month validity period. The activation code is simple just send 405 to 959. You can renew it with the same price and activation method again if you would like to. However, to cancel the renewal send 4052 to 959. If you have trouble while getting the package, then check the below new 4GB package.

New 4GB data package for SAR 50.00 only for 1 month. Activation code: SMS 406 to 950, use the same code for renewal. The cancellation code is 4062 to 959. Note: there is no free data for social use.

5GB internet package

For a cheap price of SAR 65 get a 5GB internet data package. The Validity of the plan is only 1 month. Also 200 SMS for free. To Activate the 5 GB Plan just Send D5000 to 959. The renewal price is the same just in case you wanna renew the plan later on. [This package is no longer working].

New package 8GB data with 1-month validity for SAR 75.00 only. There is no free social data. The activation code is SMS 407 to 959. To cancel the package send SMS 4072 to 959.

10GB internet package

The price of a 10GB internet data package is 119 SAR. The Validation is only 3 months. You will also receive 300 Zain to Zain free SMS (Not for other networks). To Activate the 10 GB Plan just Send 10GB to 959. You can renew it with the same activation method, the price will be the same. Note: this package is expired.

A New 30GB+30GB free social data package is available instead of 10GB for 3 months for SAR 175.00 only. You can use the social data for YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. Subscription code: send 409 to 959. Cancellation code: send 4092 to 959.

75GB+75GB social internet package

Pya SAR 199 and get a 75GB+75GB social free internet data package for 2 months. You may get an extra benefit of 1K free SMS within the network. The 75 GB Plan activation code is sending 75GB to 959 or send 410 to 959. The renewal code and price will stay the same. If you wanna cancel it then send 4102 to 959.

How to check remaining data balance on Zain

To check the remaining data balance on Zain Network KSA, just send BC to 959. Don’t forget to comment below on any troubles in the above. Our team will be pleased to help. Share the post to help others as well, Don’t forget to like our Facebook Page below.

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